Zhejiang Hotel is started from the Lin Biao’s “704” Project, named in this way because it was built in April, 1970. The “704” Project, located at the west of the West Lake and between the North and South Peaks, is very secluded. The whole project is made up of four villas on the ground and underground buildings and covers an area of 307 mu. The part on the ground was renamed as Zhejiang Hotel in 1972 and became a foreign affairs reception unit in Zhejiang Province.

In December, 1980, Zhejiang Hotel was officially registered and opened for business. In 1996, it won the title of “Three-star Travelling Foreign-oriented Hotel”; at the end of 2003, it won the title of “Four-star Travelling Foreign-oriented Hotel”.

At the end of 2003, responding to the call of “Travelling to the West” Project of Hangzhou Municipal Government, the hotel carried out cessation for rectification, preserving the original No. one, No. two and No. three buildings, dismantling the No. four and No. five buildings and partial small buildings and building new ones on the original address. In 2007, the new Zhejiang Hotel was completed and it was a five-star level leisure and vacation hotel at the center of the West Lake scenic spot.

Since 2009, the new leading group, in conformity with the thinking of “strengthening the quality, shaping the brand”, has always been adhering to the market development strategy of “vigorously developing the conference market, steadily promoting the individual customer market and properly considering the foreign market”, gradually established the market position of “hotel for conference and vacation” and laid solid foundation for Zhejiang Hotel to create a first-class brand hotel in China.

Address: No. 278, Santaishan Road, Hangzhou ,310007       Tel:86-571-87180808
Fax:86-571-87971904 Mail:rsvn@zhejianghotel.com

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