The “704” project is a secret villa that built by Lin Biao in Hangzhou and is full of mystery flavor since construction. Since construction of this project starts in April 1970, it is named as “704”. It is located at the western West Lake, between South and North Summits, the terrain is extremely enshrouded. Actually, it is also a relatively advanced secret military command center at that time.

The project covers an area of 307 mu and is divided into two parts: underground and ground surface. The underground part is a tunnel construction that covers an area of more than 4,000 square meters, leading to all directions and the terrain is extremely complicated. It has facilities like war room, communication room, storage room, ammunition depot, pump room and power distribution room, using elevator in well could direct reach the main building. The ground surface part is mainly composed of four villas with a construction area of more than 21,000 square meters. No.1 building is the main building, which is the living place of Lin Biao families; No.2 building is the luxurious indoor pool; No.3 and Bo.4 buildings are complementary. At that time, construction of the project costs RMB thirty million Yuan, 8,000 square meters woods, 3,000 tons steels and 180 brasses.

The “704” project has been unveiled nowadays, becoming another historical and cultural spot in Hangzhou.

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