Hangzhou is a famous scenery travelling and historical and cultural city in China. It has already had more than 8,000 years of historical and cultural sediments from the cross-bridge culture in Xiaoshan of the Neolithic Age.

The initial name of Hangzhou is “Yuhang”, it also has other former names like “Yuhang”, “Qiantang”, “Qiantang” and “Lin’an”. It was once the capital of the Wuyue State in Five Dynasties and states in South Song Dynasty. In the ninth year (AD 589) of Emperor Kai Huang’s reign in Sui Dynasty, the Qiantang County was abolished and it was renamed as Hangzhou, which is the first time that the name of Hangzhou appears in the history. In the third year (AD 1129) of Emperor Jian Yan’s reign in South Song Dynasty, Gaozong crossed the river to the south and arrived in Hangzhou, and he promoted Hangzhou into Lin’an Palace. In the eighth year of Shaoxing (AD 1138), South Song officially established its capital in Lin’an, which lasted for more than 140 years. In the first year of the Republic of China (AD 1912), the land of former Qiantang and Renhe County was changed into Hang County. In the sixteenth year of the Republic of China (1927), the downtown of Hang County was separated out and established as Hangzhou City, from which the history of Hangzhou City began. In the early years of Yuan Dynasty, the Italian traveler Marco Polo, who had been to Hangzhou, said that “Hangzhou is the most beautiful and luxurious heaven city in the world”. On May 3, 1949, Hangzhou Municipal Government was founded. Hangzhou is always the capital city of Zhejiang Province.

The folk customs of Hangzhou have close internal relationship with the natural environment, humanism sediments and development process of Hangzhou. The fresh and interesting performance and display of folk activities and local customs are very vivid, unique and applicable for participating, which is surprising, moving and unforgettable.

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