Zhejiang Hotel Elite Card Club

一、I. General Provisions

  1. All the members of Zhejiang Hotel Elite Card shall observe this memorandum.
  2. Introduction to Club: 2.1 This club is specially established for expressing our thanks for guests of various places who are concerned with and support the development of Zhejiang Hotel. We hope that all the guests can come to Zhejiang Hotel to enjoy different VIP treatment during your spare time. This club is divided into the member development department and member reception department. The member development department is in charge of eligibility assessment to the members of elite card and the member reception department is in charge of various booking works of members and the reception services work in this hotel, and timely issuing the latest news and various member policies of Zhejiang Hotel to members.
  3. This club carries out limited quantity issuing to this elite card.
  4. This elite card has the function of identification and preferential settlement. The member who holds this card to consume in Zhejiang Hotel can enjoy quality, preferential and favorable individual services.
  5. This elite card can only be used as favorable certificate and can’t be used for deducting any hotel consumption.

The valid term of this elite card is one year (including all types of the presented tickets), it will be useless if is overdue.

二、The Rights Enjoyed by the Members of Elite Card

As a member of elite card, once joining the club, you can receive the following present tickets

  1. 2 pieces of free accommodation certificates for senior rooms, depending on each certificate you can live in one senior room for days within the valid term (including one single breakfast, limited to individual customer and not applicable to meeting rooms).
  2. Present equivalent dining consumption coupon to the value of 350 Yuan. This coupon is limited to use before discounting and can be exchanged into cash and no cash-back. Depending on this coupon, you can consume in the dining places in Zhejiang Hotel (apart from malls).
  3. 4 pieces of lobby bar (heart-shape garden) drinks coupon. Depending on this coupon, you can enjoy the drinks one person/portion for free (the categories are limited to: various types of tea, coffee/cup, cola/tin, Sprite/tin, Fanta/tin).
  4. 2 pieces of moon-cake reception coupon, depending on each coupon, the member can receive one case of moon-cakes for free. If the member does not receive moon-cakes at the Mid-autumn festival, he can receive equivalent Western-style pastry after the festival. (the elite card is sold after the Mid-autumn festival, the member can receive equivalent fancy cake, one portion for each coupon).
  5. 4 pieces of 704 project visiting coupons. One coupon for one person. (Reservation is needed before use)
  6. 4 pieces of tennis coupons, with one coupon, you can use the tennis court for one hour for free. (the racket and ball needs to be brought by yourself, reservation is needed before use and one court one tennis coupon).
  7. 4 pieces of chess and card coupons, with one coupon, you can use the box of chess and card room for one hour for free. (reservation is needed before use, the expenses of poke and tea in not included and one box two coupons)
  8. 4 pieces of room discount coupons, with one discount coupon, for one room of any type /day, you can enjoy a 40% discount price on the basis of listed price plus 15% services charges. (not including breakfast. If you need a breakfast, you will be charged for 58 Yuan /portion) when check-out is late until 14:00, (apart from the national holidays and long vacation)
  9. 2 pieces of room free upgrade coupon, with one room free upgrade coupon, you can enjoy the right to upgrade from the room of any type that you live to the room of upper grade. (the room free upgrade coupon is applicable to the discount price of members of elite cards and can be used at the same time with the senior room accommodation certificate and room discount coupon).

三、As the member of elite card,,you can receive the following preferences for consuming in various places of this hotel if showing the elite card.

1 Dining Consumption:depending on this card, the card-holder or the guests he brings can receive the following discount preferences for the buffet consumption in the Western restaurant according to the number of guests dining in the same table. :
         One person dining        85% discount
   Two persons dining        50% discount
   Three persons dining        70% discount
   Four persons dining       75% discount
   Five persons dining        80% discount
   Six or above six persons dining  85% discount


The above discount does not include cigarette, drinks, bird’s nest, abalone, shark’s fin, wedding feast and meeting group feast consumption. Children’s dining will be normally charged at the number of people.

2. The card-holder or the guests he brings can receive the preference of 85% discount for the consumption in the Chinese restaurant:

The discount is not applicable to the charges of drinks, cigarettes and services.

The shark’s fin, abalone and bird’s nest do not enjoy the above discount and enjoy the preference of 88% discount depending on the elite card.

3. The lobby bar and heart-shape garden enjoy the preference of 80% discount depending on the elite card.

Accommodation Preferences:the member holding the elite card can enjoy the preference of 550 Yuan /room/night (without breakfast) when he checks in the senior room of this hotel and enjoy the preference of 45% discount for rooms of other types (without breakfast). Check-out could be delayed till 14:00 (apart from the fixed holidays). In order to ensure the rights and interests of members are not infringed upon by others, the member identity needs to be identified at the time of reservation before enjoying the preferences.

Preferences of Malls:90% discount (apart from the bargain-priced goods like cigarettes)

Leisure Preferences:the member holding valid elite card can enjoy the following preferences when consuming in the leisure places of this hotel:

  1. Depending on the valid elite card, the member and brought people can enjoy the preferences of 80% discount when using the swimming pool of this hotel.
  2. Depending on the valid elite card, the member can enjoy the preference of 80% discount when consuming in the tennis court, chess and card room and foot bath room. (apart from the other related consumption like tea, snacks)

4.Other Preferences::the member can enjoy the preference of 80% discount for the laundry and ironing during his living in this hotel.

四、Invitation to participate the various member activities and other activities held in this hotel.


  1. Safeguard the reputation and interests of Zhejiang Hotel
  2. Observe the memorandum for the member of elite card and obey the management of hotel.
  3. Pay membership fees of the member of elite card in accordance with the regulations of hotel.
  4. Enjoying the preference of the member of elite card shall be within the valid term of this card.
  5. Accurately fill in the membership application form for the elite card of Zhejiang Hotel for the convenience of communication for the hotel.
  6. The valid term of this card is one year, counted from the day of joining the club.
  7. If the cardholder lost free certificate, it will not be reissued. But if the elite card is lost, the member shall report the loss to the sales and marketing department of this hotel in a written way, declaring the original card to be void and requiring a reissuing of new card, but handling fees for that will be charged.
  8. If there is change in your personal information, you should timely notify the sales and marketing department of this hotel.
  9. The preferential article of cardholders can’t be used during the statutory holidays. (including New Year's Day, Spring Festival, Pure Brightness Festival, International Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival, National Day, Christmas Day, Valentine's Day and days of major activities of hotel)

六、Procedures of Applying for Card

People having the intention of applying for this card shall provide the valid identification paper of yourselves, fill in the Membership Application Form for the Elite Card of Zhejiang Hotel and pay corresponding membership fees, and then you can become a member of the elite card of Zhejiang Hotel.

七、Supplementary Provisions

  1. The card can’t be used as other certificates except as the certificate of enjoying the preferences of this provision.
  2. This hotel has the final power of interpretation to this provision within the lawfully permitted scope.
  3. This card shall only be used by member himself when consuming in Zhejiang Hotel, and it can’t be lent to others.

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